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“Discover the ancestors whose life shaped yours”

Is your surname Irish? Did your ancestors arrived from Ireland?

Would you like to discover who they were and where they lived in Ireland? What kind of life they had?

Finding about them without having to travel to Ireland?

Start today to discover your Irish Family roots.

Contact us  for a free assesment  about the possibilities of your family research and a free quote with no obligations.

We are an Irish Genealogy service, based in Ireland, in Spanish and English, founded by Laura Hidalgo de Bizkarrondo

Our services are aimed to everyone of Irish ancestry who would like to trace their Irish family origins , and specially at descendants of the Irish diaspora in Spanish speaking countries, to mention some Argentina and Mexico with the largest non-anglophone irish diaspora communities.

We offer different services ranging from simple retrieval of  records to full family history research.

All services would include translations from original documents in English to your own language if you are a Spanish speaker.

Contact us, explain to us what are the data you have achieve to have so far on your family,  and get a free assessment on the possibilities of your family research. We  will give you a research  quote with no obligations. 

Our knowledge, experience and enthusiasm for genealogy will allow you to discover your Irish family history  in an effective way with no travel or waste of  time.

Contact us for more details or  any with questions you might have. Thanks.

We are looking forward to hearing from you and assist you in your family history research journey.

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Email: info@genealogia.ie

Address: St. Jude. Shop Street. Boyle

Co. Roscommon. Ireland

 Genealogical Society of Ireland (familyhistory.ie), Diploma in Genealogy (Escuela Marques de Aviles)